Temporäre Ausstellungen

After the recent discoveries made by the archaeologists on the roman Aqueduct of Nyon, the Roman Museum chose to stage this hydraulic structure's construction site. This exhibition will also depict the management, consumption and use of water in Roman times.

Dates : 19.05.17 - 03.06.18

Thanks to objects found in Nyon, as well as other important roman sites in Switzerland, to models and stunning facilities, the exhibition shows the importance of water in Roman times. Pipes, taps, fountain plates, gargoyles and other hydraulic facilities items (that accompany the water related Gods), coins or spillways illustrate the water's course from the source, through its transmission accross town, its distribution, use and evacuation. All this will show how much nowadays problems, such as water quality or water treatment, are at the center of the Romans' preoccupations.

An exhibition catalogue will be published.

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