A Roman day in Nyon


Saturday 11 June 2016, from 10am to 8pm at the Esplanade des Marronniers and the Roman Museum

The city of Nyon is more than 2000 years old! For one day, the Roman Museum of Nyon has invited you to take a step back to Roman times. You've seen gladiators fighting, comedians animating fascinating stories and legionnaries patrolling. You've discovered different aspects of Roman craft, had a taste of the stunning flavours of ancient food, played like the Romans did and followed a discovery trail of the remains of Noviodunum.

Demonstrations, performances and activities:

The Gladiators of the Early Roman Empire (performance by Brice Lopez, group ACTA, Beaucaire, France), Hydraulis (demonstration of a roman hydraulic organ by Justus Willberg, Weissenburg, Germany), "Birth of the Gods" by Hesiod (theatrical performance by the STOA group (Scène et Traduction pour les Oeuvres Anciennes), Neuchâtel), COLONIA IVLIA EQVESTRIS (guided tours of the Roman Museum), Follow Hecate's torches (special guided tours of the Roman Museum), From one ruin to the other (discovery tour in the city of Nyon), AVE CAESAR (legionary patrols in the city by the group Imperium Anticum, Nyon).

Roman craft:

The daily living of Legionnaries (GENVA, Geneva), Eat at Rome (Helios, Lausanne), A child's play (Roman Museum of Nyon), CVRSVS HONORVM (Helios, lausanne), Heads or tails (Ciel&Terre, Aigle), Bones! (Christophe Picod, France), A foot in Antiquity (Shoe Museum, Lausanne), Take out your stylus (Imperium Anticum, Nyon), Dig! (Ars Animandi, Lausanne).

La Roulotte was there as well and made homemade food of season!


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