« aubert & siron® svr les traces des Romains enqvête-spectacle av mvsée romain de Nyon »


An exceptional and unusual event took place at the Nyon Roman Museum from 11 May to 5 June 2005. Resumption: 1st - 12 February 2006

Instead of a new temporary exhibition, as is traditionally the case for museums in general, the Nyon Roman Museum took the innovative step of inviting the duo aubert & siron® (Vincent Aubert, a professional actor, and Jacques Siron, a professional musician).

The Museum was given an unusual kind of laughter-provoking “guided tour”. The audience was invited to move around the Museum and view it in terms of the irreverent and imaginative “explanations” delivered by the actors. At times standing as if on a normal guided tour, or sitting down as if for a show, the audience allowed itself to be seduced by the humour, the poetry and the sometimes bizarre nature of the visit, punctuated periodically by the sounds of a double bass and an alphorn. The result was a hotchpotch inspired by old memories of school Latin, passionate accounts by archaeologists and above all the actors’ own impressions of various artefacts from the collection.

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