For schools

The Roman Museum of Nyon has a variety of activities for schools:
"A jump in Ancient Nyon's everyday life", Educational kit
"Nyon/Noviodunum, from one discovery to the next", a walk in Nyon in search of Noviodunum's remains
"Who is Julius Caesar?", guided visit for the little ones
Guided visits, choice between existing visits or customized
More details about these activities below, and to download the complete program of the 3 Museums of Nyon, clic here (in French).
Don't hesitate to contact us for specific demands or customized activities, so that we can offer you the most appropriate solution. The visits are also given in other languages (English, German, Italian).
  • "A jump in Ancient Nyon's everyday life", Educational kit (in French and English)

20 pupils (aged 8-12)
Inclusive price for group facilitator
2 hours
CHF 110.-
Special opening tax (outside Museum hours)
Per hour or part thereof
+CHF 30.-                    
PLEASE NOTE: The visit with the material is only permitted with a facilitator from the Museum.
The materials are on sale or can be ordered from the Museum (CHF 10.-)
Contact for ordering the printed material:
++41 (0)22 316 42 80 OR
Ancient Nyon: how did people live?

2 hours "under the skin" and "in the head" of an archaeologist

Would you like to let your pupils into the secrets of Roman life? This is your chance! The Nyon Roman Museum proposes the discovery of how the ancient inhabitants of the Colonia Iulia Equestris lived, with the help of teaching materials and a facilitator. The children are invited to take a “discovery tour” round the permanent exhibition: more particularly, they will be presented with six aspects of Roman life. For a more original approach using the kit material, they will become “real” archaeologists and will be allowed to touch and handle original Roman objects. By handling and observing genuine archaeological material as carefully as professionals they will familiarise themselves with Roman pottery, and ask themselves what the Romans ate or how stone was cut.

Practical information:

The educational material is available in two versions (children of 8 and over and children of 11 and over).

It comprises:

1. A discovery tour of the permanent exhibition, centred on six topics displayed in the Museum.

2. Materials for each of the three themes for which original Roman objects are made available: “Getting to know Roman pottery”, “What did the Romans eat?” and “Stone-cutting”.

The materials are presented in the form of loose leaves that can be photocopied (A4) as each class requires. For each subject a document is provided for the children. Another document with all the answers is available for use by the teacher.

For your visit, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the content of the kit material.

Please contact us at least two weeks in advance in order to reserve your visit and the facilitator.

  • "Nyon/Noviodunum, from one discovery to the next", a walk in Nyon in search of Noviodunum's remains

1h30 CHF 130.-

Just like a puzzle entrusted to archaeologists, Nyon's Roman figure appears: the basilica, the forum, the covered market, the baths, the amphitheatre... As the capital of the Colonia Iulia Equestris, Nyon replicated Rome in the Provinces. With a historical presentation in the Museum.


  • "Who's Julius Caesar?", guided visit for the little ones from 6 years old

1h CHF 100.-

Just like a story we tell the little ones: a fun visit adapted, based on the models, iconography and mime... The visit finishes with a session of games, which might even take place outside, if the weather allows it, under Julius Ceasar's watchful eye. For the youngest, we suggest to divide the group into two and alternate guided visit and game session (animated by the teacher) for 30 minutes each.


  • Guided visits, from 6 to 16 years old

1h CHF 100.-
1h30 CHF 130.-

The Roman Museum proposes themed guided visits, in accordance with the teacher, such as: From birth to death, Life's cycle in Antiquity (maternity, early childhood, healthcare, funerary practices). From the garden to our plates: horticultural voyage, culinary and gustatory in Antiquity (the garden, food trade, kitchen, the drinks, table manners, the dishes...).

Free for Nyon's public schools, only during the Museum's opening hours.

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