Types of school visits

Ancient Nyon: How did the people live?
Educational kit of 2h
20 pupils (8-12 years old)

The kits (available in two versions: children from 8 years old and children from 11 years old) are sold and may be ordered at the Museum (CHF 10.-)

With the Educational Kit and a facilitator, the pupils will discover how the ancient inhabitants of the Colonia Iulia Equestris used to live. With their kit in hand, they will have the priviledge to touch and even hold real roman artefacts.

Some useful information:

° The kit includes: A discovery tour of the permanent exhibition AND a folder for each of the following topics: "An introduction to Roman ceramics", "What did the Romans eat?" and "Carve the stone", topics that are illustrated by the roman objects.

° The sheets may be photocopied (A4) as needed. For each topic, a document is given to the child. The other, with the answers, is kept by the teacher.

° Prior to your visite, we strongly recommend that you read the content of the Educational kit.

° Please contact us, at least 15 days before your visit, so that we may book one of our guides.

Nyon/Noviodunum, from one discovery to the next
25 pupils max. (6-18 years old) 


A 1h30 walk in Nyon in search of Noviodunum's remains

Just like a puzzle entrusted to archaeologists, Nyon's Roman figure appears: the basilica, the forum, the covered market, the baths, the amphitheatre... As the capital of the Colonia Iulia Equestris, Nyon replicated Rome in the Provinces. With a historical presentation in the Museum.

Guided tour of the Museum

25 pupils max. (6-18 years old)

Within a selection or customised, 1h or 1h30

Tour of the Museum guided by an archaeologist. Learn everything about the Romans in Nyon by walking through the foundations of the Roman Basilica, in which the Museum was built. Explore the different architectural remains and admire the artefacts that travelled through time.

Some exemples of topics:

From birth to death / From the garden to the plate / Vines and wine / Economy and finance / Hygiene and care

Who's Julius Caesar?

25 pupils max. (from 6 years old)

1h guided tour for the little ones

Just like a story we would tell the little ones: a fun and adapted visit, based on models, iconography and mime... the visit finished with a session of games, which might even take place outside under Julius Caeser's watchful eye, if the weather allows it. For the younger ones, we recommend a division in two groups. They will alternate between a 30 min. guided tour and a game session, animated by the teacher.



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The Roman Museum is 40 years old

The Roman Museum is 40 years old more

The Roman Museum celebrated its 40th Birthday. An ideal opportunity to celebrate, whilst putting forth a few monuments of the Roman past of Nyon, using digital technology!

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Program for schools

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The Roman Museum has a entire programm made espacially for schools!

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