Colonia Iulia Equestris - Musée romain de Nyon

Collective French, Infolio Editions, Guidebook (128 p.), 2019. The town of Nyon, marked by its centuries of history, offers the visitor a wide choice of...


"Les Guides à pattes", époque romaine, N° 4 (in French) about the city of Nyon

The "Guides à pattes" are a collection of children't books (from 7 years old). They take the children back in time, in discovery of gallo-roman...


Veni, Vidi, Ludique

French, exhibition catalogue (46 pages), Imprimerie Saint Paul, Fribourg (Suisse), 2014.     More information in French.     Price: 18 CHF


Le Blé, l'autre or des Romains

Musée/site archéologique départemental à Bavay French, exhibition catalogue (112 pages), Imprimerie Monsoise, Département du Nord,...


Research on Nyon's Basilica

Recherches sur l'area publica de la Colonia Iulia Equestris, les basiliques (Nyon, canton de Vaud) Caroline Brunetti and Christophe Henny Scientific monograph (236 p.), Cahiers...


Die figürlichen Skulpturen von Colonia Iulia Equestris

Martin Bossert German, summaries in French and in English, Cahiers d’archéologie romande, N°92, Lausanne, scientific publication (142 p.), 2002. Die vorliegende...


Ancient lights. The oil lamps of the Roman Museum of Nyon

Laurent Chrzanovski French, Editions ET, Milan, Book (132 p.), 2000. The Museum's 63 terracotta (59) and bronze (4) oil lamps have been exhaustively studied. The publication...


Quoi de neuf, docteur ? Médecine et santé à l’époque romaine

Curator of the exhibition: Véronique Dasen French,  Nyon Roman Museum, Exhibition handbook (27 p.)   Under the high patronage of Hippocrates,...


Il y a un os ! - Artisanat d’un matériau singulier : de l’os à l’objet

Caroline Anderes French, Nyon Roman Museum, Catalogue of the exhibition (25 p.), 2006. Bone, horn, ivory, recuperation and prestige … The Nyon Roman Museum takes an...


LIGHT! Lighting in ancient times

Laurent Chrzanovski French, Roman Museum of Nyon - Editions ET, Milan, catalogue of the exhibition (120 p.), 2003. How did people live in ancient times when the sun went down...


Claudi Casanovas – Colonia Iulia Equestris: a dialogue of clay and stone

Various authors French, Roman Museum of Nyon, Exhibition catalogue (60 p.), 2001. Working with clay is deeply rooted in the cultural identity of human communities and, in the...


Bâtisseurs de basilique

Frédéric Rossi and Pierre André French, Roman Museum of Nyon, Exhibition handbook (28p.), 1995. To take an interest in the construction of this great public...


Commugny- Splendeurs murales d’une villa romaine

Michel Fuchs and Evelyne Ramjoué French, Roman Museum of Nyon, Exhibition handbook (47 p.), 1994. The remains of the Commugny Roman villa are buried under the cemetery,...


La ville romaine de Nyon

Pascale Bonnard French, Cahiers d'archéologie romande, n°44, Lausanne, Scientific monograph (94 p.), 1988. Pascale Bonnard’s work gives a complete overview of...


Un quartier romain de Nyon : de l’époque augustéenne au IIIe siècle

Jacques Morel and Silvio Amstad French, Cahiers d'archéologie romande, N°49, Lausanne, Scientific monograph (147 p.), 1990. This work, the fruit of a close and...


L’area sacra du forum de Nyon et ses abords, fouilles 1988-1990

Frédéric Rossi et al. French, Cahiers d'archéologie romande, N°66, Lausanne, Scientific monograph (192 p.), 1995. This third work in the Noviodunum...


Sur les traces des Romains- Parcours découverte

French, Nyon Roman Museum, Pamphlet (6 p.), 2002. The remains of the Roman town of Nyon are buried directly under the centre of the modern town. As a result, the great...


Découvrir le Léman- Lake Léman in Prehistoric Times

Pierre Corboud French, German, English, Nyon Roman Museum, exhibition handbook (19 p.), 1998. Some hundred years ago a monograph, Le Léman, by François-Alphonse...


Ancient Nyon : how did people live ?

French, English, Nyon Roman Museum, Educational kit material (46 p.), 2002. For children over 8 years old For children over 11 years old For more information, clic...


Nyon- Une colonie romaine sur les bords du lac Léman

Collective French, Dossiers d'archéologie, n°232, Editions Faton S.A. Dijon, Popular science magazine (85 p.), 1998. As a result of carefully programmed excavations...



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The Roman Museum is 40 years old

The Roman Museum is 40 years old more

The Roman Museum celebrated its 40th Birthday. An ideal opportunity to celebrate, whilst putting forth a few monuments of the Roman past of Nyon, using digital technology!

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