Gladiators in Nyon!

Just like today, the Romans were very fond of shows: plays, chariot races and gladiator fights, all good opportunities to have fun.

For that purpose, they built large buildings to be able to hold such events; theatres, circus' and amphitheatres.

The amphitheatres were oval in shape and the crowd sat (or stood) all around the central area called the arena.

It’s in this space that the shows were held: gladiator fights but also wild and exotic animal hunts. Lions, cheetahs, bears were captured and transported all around the Empire to fight in the amphitheatres!

Sometimes naval combats were organised, re- enactments of famous battles at sea. 


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The Roman Museum is 40 years old

The Roman Museum is 40 years old more

The Roman Museum celebrated its 40th Birthday. An ideal opportunity to celebrate, whilst putting forth a few monuments of the Roman past of Nyon, using digital technology!

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