Colonia Iulia Equestris - Musée romain de Nyon

Collective French, Infolio Editions, Guidebook (128 p.), 2019. The town of Nyon, marked by its centuries of history, offers the visitor a wide choice of...


Cahiers d'archéologie romande

Recherches sur l'area publica de la Colonia Iulia Equestris (Nyon, canton de Vaud) - Noviodunum V Caroline Brunetti and Christophe Henny French, with summaries in German and...


Trois statuettes en bronze provenant de Nyon

Cédric Cramatte French It was behind a large porticoed building discovered during the excavations at La Duche that a remarkable group of three bronze statuettes,...


La fusaïole Gallo-romaine inscrite de Nyon: provenance et technique

Marino Maggetti, Albert Jornet, Monique Dondin-Payre and Véronique Rey-Vodoz French Spindle-whorls, resembling large beads, have a central perforation for the lower...


The bone craftsmanship collection: bone, ivory, antler and horn objects

Caroline Anderes French The corpus studied by Mme Caroline Anderes consists of 81 artefacts relating to daily life in ancient times (knife handles, needles, distaffs, spoons,...


Ancient lights. The oil lamps of the Roman Museum of Nyon

Laurent Chrzanovski French, Editions ET, Milan, Book (132 p.), 2000. The Museum's 63 terracotta (59) and bronze (4) oil lamps have been exhaustively studied. The publication...


The inscriptions

French and German The Colony’s collection of epigraphs is the subject of a study by Regula Frei-Stolba. Publications « Une grande famille équestre originaire...


Degree dissertations

French “Entre Jura et Léman: Dynamiques d’occupation du district de Nyon, du Paléolithique à la fin du Royaume burgonde”,...


Nyon- Une colonie romaine sur les bords du lac Léman

Collective French, Dossiers d'archéologie, n°232, Editions Faton S.A. Dijon, Popular science magazine (85 p.), 1998. As a result of carefully programmed excavations...



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The Roman Museum is 40 years old

The Roman Museum is 40 years old more

The Roman Museum celebrated its 40th Birthday. An ideal opportunity to celebrate, whilst putting forth a few monuments of the Roman past of Nyon, using digital technology!

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The Roman Museum has a entire programm made espacially for schools!

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