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« Contemporary ceramics and ancient remains »

Claudi Casanovas – Colonia Iulia Equestris: a dialogue of clay and stone

Dates : 30-06-2001 - 30-10-2001

Working with clay is deeply rooted in the cultural identity of human communities and, in the Roman Museum, generally falls within the sphere of archaeology. However, it was the inspiration of a modern artist, the ceramist Claudi Casanovas, which gave rise to an unexpected and timeless encounter in the Museum between a resolutely contemporary approach to art and a site which is home to remains strongly marked with the imprint of human lives.
Organized in conjunction with the Triennale de la Porcelaine (Château de Prangins) and the Fondation Neumann (Gingins).

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« Céramique contemporaine et vestiges antiques. Claudi Casanovas - Colonia Iulia Equestris : un dialogue de terre et de pierre ». Une exposition du 29 juin au 30 octobre 2001 au Musée romain de Nyon. Textes de E. Chapallaz, A. Lukinovich, M. Moglia, V. Rey-Vodoz et J. Schmutz. © Musée romain, Service de la Culture, Nyon, 2001 , 60 p. : 23 fig., 3 pl. couleur. ISBN : 2-940117-03-9.

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