Since 1999

1st edition of the Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films

The first edition of the Festival was held from 11 to 13 March 1999, at the Usine à gaz, Nyon

Organization: Roman Museum
Director: Mr. Christophe Goumand

The Prize list


“Adam, roi des singes” (Adam, king of the apes), France, 52’, director: Jean-Paul Fargier

Summary: Who is the common ancestor of both men and apes, how did they become differentiated initially and what prior biological processes took place? In a theory he developed with his co-workers, Professor Jean Chaline, CNRS director of research at the University of Burgundy, proposes a novel approach to envisaging the beginnings of humanity. The view of man as the king of the apes is a paradox in human terms. Genetically speaking, there is a mere 1 per cent difference between man and ape, but in morphological terms this difference is as much as 50 or even 60 per cent. The jury particularly appreciated the scientific rigour of the film. The audience followed suit and awarded it second place behind the winner of the Audience Award. 


“Amphoralis, le secret des potiers gallo-romains” (Amphoralis, the secret of the Gallo-Roman potters), France, 26’, director: Marc Azéma.

Summary: This film provides a superb means of enabling a wide audience to discover an exceptional archaeological site. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to follow a major event in archaeological research: the reconstruction of a Gallo-Roman kiln near the site with the experimental firing of hundreds of pots under the direction of Pierre Bayle, one of the greatest potters of our time. This ambitious project is the pivotal point of the documentary. It proved to be an authentic adventure in archaeology providing plenty of suspense and a wealth of information, in the process of which the participants rediscovered actions and sensations that had been forgotten for nearly twenty centuries. The progress of the work is commented on in turn by a curator, an archaeologist, an architect, potters and volunteers. The jury wished to reward the director for the quality of the follow-up of this scientific endeavour overall and the effort made to include the public at large in what could quite simply have been a private experiment for the researchers.


“ Amphoralis, le secret des potiers gallo-romains” (Amphoralis, the secret of the Gallo-Roman potters), France, 26’, director: Marc Azéma. The Audience Award went to the best low-budget film.

The Jury


Maurice Huelin, journalist and producer, Télévision suisse romande


Bertrand Bacqué, film critic, programmer of the Visions du Réel Festival, Nyon

Clemens Krause, professor of archaeology, University of Fribourg

Pierre-Yves Nicod, archaeologist, Department of Anthropology, University of Geneva

Fernand Barbey, teacher, Association Focale, Nyon

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2015 edition of the Festival

2015 edition  of the Festival more

From 24 to 28 March 2015, the Roman Museum organized the 9th edition of the Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films! You can discover the program by clicking here!

This year's edition was different from the others, because of the establishment of a new Association under the name "Festival International du film d'archéologie de Nyon" (F.I.F.A.N.)!

About forty movies were suggested to the public, free of charge, during 5 days and 9 sessions, of which the closing evening during which the prize-winning films were been presented.

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