The market

The remains of a food market, built around 50 AD, have been found in today’s Place du Marché.  The building contained a number of small shops placed on either side of a paved central courtyard and a small apse probably featuring a statue.  It is one of the rare examples of a macellum (a covered market) built by the Romans north of the Alps.

The discovery of the Colonia Iulia Equestris macellum is important for Swiss history in the Roman period, since for the time being the Nyon monument is unique in Switzerland.

The building mainly ensured supplies of meat, poultry and fish: indeed, cows’ ribs and shoulder blades found heaped in a corner of one of the shops are a telling indication of the actions performed by a Roman butcher and give some idea of the eating habits of the inhabitants of the Roman town.

By a curious stroke of history, the modern Place du Marché still hosts a food market every Saturday.

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