The bone craftsmanship collection: bone, ivory, antler and horn objects

Caroline Anderes


The corpus studied by Mme Caroline Anderes consists of 81 artefacts relating to daily life in ancient times (knife handles, needles, distaffs, spoons, pins, furniture hinges and facings, dice, games counters, etc.). An inspection of animal bone remains has shown up large quantities of work remnants (a total of 112) testifying to bone craftsmanship in the Roman colony. There is evidence of the use of bone, antler and horn. While only pin production can be confirmed with any certainty, it may be supposed that needles, knife handles or furniture facings were also manufactured. The considerable number of remnants found in the area of the amphitheatre and below it suggests that the craft of bone-working was installed in this sector of the old town.

C. Anderes, «La collection de tabletterie du Musée romain de Nyon», in Annuaire d’archéologie suisse, 92, 2009, pp. 201-237.

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