Who are we ?

Statue romaine couronnée de fleurs
© Delphine Schacher


Jordan Anastassov, curator
Malika Bossard, assistant curator
Daphné Tallon, alternate assistant curator

Scientific collaborator

Mila Musy, inventory manager
Auriane Mandelert, project manager
Julie Python, intern

Education and public experience

Sandra Déglon Gigon, reception and surveillance manager
Auriane Mandelert, reception and surveillance agent
Juliette Davenne, head of cultural mediation

Reception assistants & Cultural mediators

Caroline Baud, Branimir Drndelic, Maxime Grandjean, Mila Musy, Cédric Pernet, Lola Schofrin

Administration & Communication

Julie Hauser, administrator of the library and three museums of Nyon
Céline Visconti, communications officer for the Nyon’s cultural department

Collections Center

Camille Linder, inventory and documentation manager
Luis Ricard, collections manager


Fabien Lhôte, museum decorator
Virginie Quenet, 3D polydesign apprentice