Birthdays at the museum

Ages 6 to 12
CHF 150.-
Duration 1 hr
A room can be hired to extend the activity with a snack (on request).

Workshops, investigations, treasure hunts and games: four themes to choose from to celebrate your birthday and travel bake in time.

The 12 labours of Hercules (ages 8-12)
To join the gods on Olympus, Hercules must complete 12 difficult tasks, and he needs your help to finish them! This treasure hunt will help you discover the myth of Hercules as you explore the museum.

Little archaeologists (ages 8-12)
Calling all budding archaeologists: the territory of Colonia Iulia Equestris is full of treasures! Come to the museum to observe and touch 2000-year-old objects found in Nyon, and make your own excavation notebook.

Masks and company (ages 7-10)
A captured young girl, an evil slave trader, a miraculous box, a shipwreck: all the ingredients for a Roman play. Explore the backstage of an ancient comedy and create your own mask.

Hand games, Roman games (ages 6-10)
Marble runs, hopscotch, jacks… these were the favorite games of the children who lived in Nyon 2000 years ago. Come and play too, using your skill, patience, strategy and luck. You’ll create a Roman board game to take home with you.