This exhibition, originally prepared by Lilian Raselli, was devoted to the cutting of gemstones in Antiquity, through a number of cameos and intaglios (work in relief and intaglio).

Set in rings that served as seals, incorporated into rich jewellery or worn as amulets, gems were among the most precious of private possessions. Valuable jewellery was also part of everyday life in Roman Helvetia, as demonstrated by the many intaglios discovered during excavations at the Avenches site, which were added to the exhibition presented at the Roman Museum in Avenches in 2007.

The abundance of motifs depicted (divinities, heroes, portraits of emperors or private individuals, magical images, mythological scenes or animals) is matched by an astonishing quality of detail. This iconographic medium – the smallest ever invented by man – will not disappoint art lovers.