Nyon’s subsoil regularly yields a wealth of new finds as archaeologists from Archeodunum SA carry out excavations under the responsibility of the Section de l’archéologie cantonale de l’Etat de Vaud.


Some examples:

Below the amphitheatre, an as yet unknown part of the Roman town, close to the shore at the time, yielded a fine collection of twelve vases found broken and burnt in a cremation pit, reliefs from a funeral banquet held at the very beginning of our era.

Near the basilica, the corner of a room in a house was removed and decorated with murals, the layout of which it has been possible to reconstruct. This painting, with its highly colourful geometric decoration, is the first in Nyon that can be dated to the 2nd century AD.

A Celtic statue in Nyon, before the colony was founded around 45 BC? Martin Bossert’s study confirms Edgar Pelichet’s intuition about a statue head that has long been kept in the museum.