Roman days

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Musée romain et Esplanade des Marronniers

In collaboration with the Journées vaudoises d’archéologie

For one weekend, Nyon will be the place to be for ancient shows and games!

Come and watch gladiators fight and train, take part in games of skill, strategy or role-playing, and listen to tales and tirades. Exceptionally, the amphitheatre will be opening its doors! Artisans will be revealing the secrets of ceramics, leatherwork, glass and metalwork.

These Roman Days, organised in collaboration with the Journées vaudoises d’archéologie, will bring together enthusiasts and specialists from archaeological institutions of the canton of Vaud. The archaeologists invite you to (re)discover the many facets of their fascinating profession.

Drawing with figures and Roman remains
Spectaculum! © Albin Christen

Detailed programme coming soon.

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