Temporary exhibitions

« Côté jardins »

An exhibition designed and created by the Roman Museum of Vallon (FR) and adapted for the Roman Museum of Nyon.

Dates : 2007 - 2008

The Roman villa of Vallon, near Avenches, known for its superb mosaics, exhales opulence; the portico gave on to gardens. In Nyon, too, gardens – the symbol of a nature domesticated, dear to the Romans – predominated in both the public and the private domain. « Côté JARDIN, côté cour », the exhibition created by the Roman Museum of Vallon, with the collaboration of the Cantonal Archaeological Service of Fribourg, was adapted to Nyon and re-named « Côté jardins. » The visitor strolls in a kitchen garden and on through pergolas, shrubs, medicinal plants, flowers and floral motifs, ornamental pools and statues. The Roman garden on the Esplanade Jules César has been enhanced and improved for the occasion with help from Nyon’s Parks and Gardens Service.

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