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The doors of the Roman Museum open into the ancient town of Nyon/Noviodunum, the urban centre of the Colonia Iulia Equestris. You will discover the typical day-to-day existence of a Roman colony, ranging from care of one’s appearance to political life. The Museum also proposes activities for children and guided tours.

A Roman day in Nyon

A Roman day in Nyon


How about a jump back in time, to the origins of the city of Nyon? For one day, the Roman Museum invites you to discover the Colonia Iulia Equestris back when the city was a relay for Imperial Rome.


Program for schools

Program for schools

The Roman Museum has a entire programm made espacially for schools!


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Roman days in Nyon

Roman days in Nyon more

Every two years, The Roman day of Nyon shares archaeological research with the public, in a lively and accessible way.

Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films

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Discover the Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films, organised by the Roman Museum!

Archaeological site

Archaeological site more

Discover Nyon's archaeological site and its finds!

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